Bridging Technology and Security for a Safe Mobile Life

ISMK is an institute doing cutting-edge research for device and network security in mobile space.

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We are

a research institute


The Institut für sichere mobile Kommunikation (engl. Institute for Secure Mobile Communication) is an independent research institute located in Germany. It is associated but not part of University of Applied Sciences Stralsund.

Members of the insitute have a strong research track in the fields of mobile security and encryption. ISMK enables a platform to join the forces and improve the quality of life by investigating technology to build dependable and trustworthy systems.

We research

in the following areas

Mobile Security

Mobile devices are increasingly important in our daily lifes and need to be secured to ensure privacy.

Infrastructure Security

As infrastructure becomes more complex and dependent on connected machinery, the need for trustworthy and reliable systems arises.

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive and generative methods can enrich our lives but have to be properly developed, aligned and validated.